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Unity Township Company # 2 - Lloydsville Volunteer Fire Department Station 114

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About Us

Our little company has just as much history behind it as any other. It is always nice to know where the people you rely on come from.

Here we give you a brief history of the fire department.

Our Company

Throughout the history of the department, great pride has been held deep within its members. From those who remember playing in the hall when they were young, to those who are building history within its walls now, everybody has a piece of the action burried deep inside of them. Whether it be young or old, new or veteran, we all have our memories that we all share that are made right in the little place we call Lloydsville. Amongst the good times though, are bad. In the middle 80's, a passerby reported heavy smoke showing from the building which used to be our fire house. Unfortunitly, the firehouse was lost along with a few of our trucks. After that day, we hit the ground running to build back up our department and return to functioning status. Now we are doing well and building family ties within the new building. The only way we as firefighters can do our job well is to know our partners, and respect and honor each one. We are one big family, and that is what makes us the team we are. Each one of us are proud to be working alongside such a good group of men and women.

Our Mission

Our mission is to do the best we can to help save lives and property of the citizens whom we watch over. We want to be the best we can so that our citizens feel safe and secure while they live their daily lives. The members of the Lloydsville Volunteer Fire Department wish you the best and will always do what it takes to help you in your times of need.