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Unity Township Company # 2 - Lloydsville Volunteer Fire Department Station 114

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We as a fire department have a wide range of services that we offer to the public. Many of our members are certified in vehicle rescue who, along with the tools that our rescue truck contains, can pull trapped victims from their vehicles. Many trained firefighters, along with the various tools each truck carries, can quickly and effectively put a fire out. We run a vehicle especially designed to fight field, brush, and woods fires. A water tanker is also used to carry water to places where there are no fire hydrants, a very good resource in our area since hydrants aren't always avaliable. We have trained Emergancy Medical Technicians on our roster who can render aid to anyone who needs it. Our station is also part of Westmoreland County Station 175, the counties swift water rescue team. Some members have training in this area who can rescue people from fast moving water when needed. We also run a Utility truck which holds salvageing equipment to help victims of flooding incidents and hauls a large generator and light tower which provides light at darkened scenes. As you can see, our department has a very wide spectrum of services that we provide to our community.  If you are interested in one of these services, contact us to find out more.


As a department, we take pride in the ability to serve others the best we can. That is why we strive to be good at what we do. Whether it be continueing training, practicing skills, or prepairing for the next call, we always do our best to keep you safe.

Fire Supression
Swift Water Rescue

Many of the services we offer require time and effort to learn. The men and women you see out their doing the jobs we do are trained rescuers. You too can become a trained rescuer. Remember, we are always looking for help.

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