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Unity Township Company # 2 - Lloydsville Volunteer Fire Department Station 114

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Members and Officers
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As most may know, it takes many hours and a great devotion to be a volunteer firefighter. These men and women give up their time to help their fellow citizens in need.

Active Firefighters / Life members


Brian Schultheis - Chief

Tommy Schultheis Jr. - Asst. Chief, Water Rescue Captain, President

Mitch Samick - Captain

Scott Campbell - Lieutenant

Jess Morrell - 2nd Lieutenant, EMT, Secretary

Kristen Pfeifer - Firefighter, EMT, Treasurer

Denny Lehman - Safety Officer

Jim Jellison Jr. - Firefighter, EMT

Tommy Mcdowell - Firefighter

Ben Capets - Firefighter

Chuck Hoffman - Firefighter

Bob Coleman - Firefighter

Dave Walker - Firefighter

Terry Noel - Safety Officer

Brother Joe Adams - Firefighter

Jack Murtha - Firefighter

Tom Schultheis Sr. - Firefighter

Chuck McDowell Sr. - Firefighter

Chuck McDowell Jr. - Firefighter

Tom Miller - Firefighter

Frank Martelli - Firefighter

Frank Martelli Jr. - Firefighter

John Martelli - Firefighter

Jack McCoullagh - Firefighter

Larry McCoullagh - Firefighter

Junior Firefighters

Fire fighters equipment

Josh McDowell - Junior Firefighter